Slimming down and staying slim are two very different goals. In order to slim down and subsequently keep the weight off requires more than a temporary diet. That is why Momentum® developed its focused three-stage plan. Not a magic potion, but a lifestyle programme that will help you lose Momentum Lifestyle Programmeweight quickly and responsibly and - equally important - develop healthy eating habits. The programme comprises three stages (Diet, Stabilization, Life) and two food supplements along with, if desired, guidance from a Momentum coach (in person, by phone, or via email).

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The Momentum lifestyle programme is a three-stage plan with a comprehensive instruction manual, tips & tricks, and tasty, weekly menus. It also includes a shopping list, a handy diet summary and a measuring tape to keep track of your progress. The programme further includes two food supplements - Carnitrin® and Momentum® MultiVita – which can be reduced or increased as needed to supplement dietary requirements. Basic guidance from a certified Momentum® Coach is included in the programme and the possibility for intensive coaching exists.