Jos StuyverJos Stuyver is the founder of the Momentum®  weight loss programme. Having started his professional life as a physiotherapist, he has branched out in several different directions over his forty-year career. For many years, he worked as an orthomolecular therapist. During his experience in his practice, he became increasingly convinced that obesity was the cause of many health problems. Preferring to tackle problems at source, Jos developed and refined the Momentum®  lifestyle programme.

Jos Stuyver started his first practice in 1971 and worked for many years as a (sports) physiotherapist and manual therapist, orthomolecular therapist and acupuncturist. He also pursued numerous studies such as orthopaedic medicine, haptonomy, naturopathy, psychology, neural therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology. In his practice, Jos Stuyver regularly treated people with weight-related health problems. In 2003, he had the idea of developing a programme that would help people slim and maintain their new weight. A programme that goes further than existing diets, based on a responsible, safe approach that teaches people a new lifestyle with the emphasis on a healthy, balanced diet. In short, a weight loss and lifestyle programme that fitted into Jos Stuyver’s orthomolecular and naturopathic vision.