How does it work?

 Inhoud van het Momentum Lifestyle ProgrammaMomentum® is a responsible lifestyle programme that consists of a balanced food plan, combined with Carnitrin® and Multi Vita food supplements, and professional supervision (via mail/ telephone or in person). You can continue to shop at your regular butcher, fishmonger, or grocer. The programme is made up of three stages with the ultimate goal of leading a slim, healthy and energetic life! Included in the Momentum Programme is a three-stage instruction plan delivered with guidelines, tips & tricks, and weekly menus. Additionally, you will receive a diet-overview, a convenient shopping list, and a tape measure to keep track of your results. 

Stage 1 – Diet Stage
Stage 1 – the Diet Stage – lasts (only!) 27 days and concerns primarily the loss of excess, unhealthy fat. This stage consists of a fat- and low-carb diet with healthy and tasty recipes, two supportive food supplements: Carnitrin® en Multi Vita, and professional supervision (in person, by telephone, or via email).

Stage 2 – Stabilisation Stage
The Stabilisation Stage is a period of 21 days during which the diet is slowly supplemented so that your weight stabilizes (read: no yo-yo effect) and often actually decreases. Haven’t met your target weight?  Just remain in Stage 2 until you are ready. In this case, the food supplement Momentum Carnitine® offers support and Multi Vita is also recommended.  

Stage 3 – Life Stage
In the Life Stage you’ll be given the tools you need for – you guessed it – the rest of your life. Above all, in this stage you’ll apply what you learned in stages 1 and 2 about making healthy choices. This stage is primarily focused on finding a balance that fits you.