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Momentum® is a registered trademark of the Dutch company OrthoPharma, founded by Jos. A. Stuyved (Phd). OrthoPharma began in 1971 as a clinic for physio-/ manual-therapy, and acupuncture. It has since grown into a leading orthomolecular centre, which owns and developed all the products of the Momentum® brand. 

About Momentum®

Momentum logoJos Stuyver regularly treated people in his practice who suffered from health problems resulting from overweight. In 2003, his work evolved into the creation of the Momentum programme to help people lose weight and stay slim. Why do we use the trademark Momentum®? Momentum is also sometimes defined as a visible change of course. Just type the word “Momentum” into a search engine and you will find fitting synonyms like endurance. It is fitting because the word encapsulates the core of Momentum®.